As the TRF increases the number of partnerships we have with racetracks and horsemen’s associations, we must to engage more horsemen in the process of making good decisions for their Thoroughbreds and for the racing industry as a whole.

Your participation in educating horse owners and spreading the word about TRF is an integral part of our success. Conversely, we firmly believe our success is an integral part of the future of Thoroughbred racing due to growing public awareness of the plight of unwanted racehorses.

Here are a few things to get you started:

·         Patronize tracks with retirement programs and encourage your home track to partner with the TRF 

·         Volunteer for the TRF

·         Switch to Nutrena Feed and send the feed tags to the TRF, who gets a non-profit rebate through the SHOW Program

·         Encourage your owners to participate in TRF initatives:

  1. PONY UP
  2. Jockey Club regsitration check-off program (now tax deductible!)
  3. Making a tax-deductible donation to the TRF
  4. Include TRF in their will   

·         Educate racehorse owners on the benefits of retiring horses while still sound.  We can retrain and find a home for almost any healthy Thoroughbred.  Placing horses with racing-related injuries is much more difficult, and caring for them for life is expensive. 

 Thank you for your interest in the TRF, and in the future of our industry.  Help us be the good news in Thoroughbred racing!