Retire a Horse

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For countless Thoroughbreds that have run their last race, the TRF's retirement programs answer their desperate need -- a place to live out their days in safe and serene surroundings.

At our 24 farms nationwide, horses are grouped according to age, temperament, and special needs, and turned out to pasture fulltime.  Unlike most racehorse rescue organizations, the TRF can provide lifetime care for horses who cannot be adopted due to age or infirmity.  Yet those who are suited for new careers have enjoyed roles as companion animals, equine assisted therapy mounts, trail and showhorses. 

Registered Thoroughbreds, free from contagious or communicable diseases, and for which private retirement is unavailable or unsuitable, may apply to the TRF.  The owner of an accepted horse must submit a properly endorsed Jockey Club certificate of foal registration transferring title of the horse to the Foundation and transport the horse to the facility.  A donation to the TRF may be requested in order to complete the retirement process.

Space is currently exceptionally limited but if you have a horse that you would like to place with TRF, please contact our Herd Manager, Sara Davenport, Email:, or phone: (859) 519-8355