Wateree River Correctional Institution

Wateree River Correctional Institution
Rembert, South Carolina

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wateree_horses_grazing.jpgFew prisons in the country were a better fit for a TRF program than the Wateree River Correctional Facility in Rembert, South Carolina.  Home to approximately 35 horses - most of whom are available for adoption - the facility has plenty of land, is in the middle of horse country and already had several agricultural and vocational programs in place for the inmates.

"The effect animals have on people is amazing, no matter where you are," said since-retired Warden John Carmichael.  "We will look for inmates who are going home to a community that has Thoroughbred horse operations, so that the people who own the farms or barns know that the person has roots there and will stay around and be a good employee."

The Wateree facility is supported by a committee of regional volunteers.  To learn more about adopting, volunteering, or visiting, please visit the website above.