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Blackburn Correctional Complex

Photos by: EquiSport

Once the TRF mission of horses helping people and people helping horses was established in New York at the Wallkill Correctional Facility, it was only natural that the prison farm program would spread to the place where the horse is king, the great state of Kentucky.

In 1999, the TRF opened a farm at the Blackburn Correctional Complex in Lexington. Shortly before the first TRF horses arrived, an old dairy barn was converted to accommodate the horses. Today, it is among the TRF largest farms, with about 80 horses living out their retirement years on 100 acres of prime Kentucky bluegrass at the state’s largest minimum security prison.Just as has happened at the other farms at correctional facilities, the inmates and the horses at Blackburn have become close friends.

“Stopwatch and I have become very close,” said one inmate. “He came to Blackburn with bowed tendons in both front legs. I spend a lot of time taking care of his legs…[when I] walk out in the paddock and whistle he’ll come running up to me because he knows I’ll have a peppermint for him.”

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Catalyze is a 16 year old KY bred gelding by Tabasco Cat.   He is the alpha horse in his herd but farm manager Linda says he is the kindest alpha she has I have ever seen.  We think he would be an ambassador if  he were human.   Click here to Sponsor Catalyze

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Win a Kiss

This cute 17 year old Kentucky bred chestnut mare may just win your heart.  This  girl has attitude and rules every field she is in!   She only had ten career starts and winnings of $ 24,529 but now serves a greater purpose as an equine teacher in the TRF’s Second Chances vocation Program at […]

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My Turf Hero

My Turf Hero, known around the farm as “Charlie”,  is a grand looking horse by Woodman. It took our farm manager almost 2 years of working patiently with him every day working to be able to pet him on the face. Now he trusts me and the Second Chances program participants to do anything with […]

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