Retire a Horse


The greatest gift. The promise of lifelong sanctuary.

Is your racehorse ready to retire? Are you seeking the peace of mind of a safe, secure and lifelong home for your retired OTTB? The TRF offers retirement to those owners who need a home for their horse, and who are able to support them for the remainder of their natural lives. Horses retired to the (TAA Accredited) TRF are well-cared for and have access to pasture around the clock whenever possible. Focused on sanctuary rather than retraining or re-homing, the TRF will provide lifetime care for horses who cannot be ridden due to age or infirmity.

Criteria for Retirement: Registered Thoroughbreds (mares or geldings only) who have a race record, are free from contagious or communicable diseases, and for which private retirement is unavailable or unsuitable, may apply to the TRF for a lifelong home within our national herd.

A simple process (as space is available): To apply for retirement within the TRF Herd the owner must complete the TRF Retirement Application, submit a properly endorsed Jockey Club certificate of foal registration and transport the horse to the designated TRF facility. A retirement fee (charitable donation) will be requested in order to complete the retirement process, along with an agreement to continue supporting this horse for the remainder of its natural life.