Andria and Jack’s Triple Crown Fundraiser

Andria and Jack’s Triple Crown Fundraiser

Hi, Thoroughbred Lovers! 

I’m Andria Elam, and this is my best friend and teammate, Cranky Jack. 

We are excited to host a special fundraiser in honor of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s 40thanniversary! Our goal is to raise $1000 over the course of 2023 to help the TRF continue their significant work of Saving Horses and Changing Lives. 

As a TRF Ambassador, I’ve been privileged to visit their Second Chances Program inCaliforniaandKentucky, and witness firsthand the incredible impact these retired racehorses are making on the inmates who love and care for them. It’s inspiring to know that through this program, horses AND humans are getting a second chance at life.

Why is Thoroughbred Aftercare so important to me?

It was my lifelong dream to ride horses, and I finally had the opportunity to begin lessons just over 9 years ago…I learned on an Off Track Thoroughbred named Bodhi and not only fell in love with him, but also with the heart, intelligence and athleticism of the breed. I felt a calling to advocate for OTTBs, and since 2016 have been serving and sharing this passion with others. I was crushed when Bodhi passed away in 2020, but he still inspires me on this journey.

A retired racehorse as well, Jack joined our family in 2017! It has been our team mission to dispel stereotypes about OTTBs (Myths like “They’re hot and unmanageable!” or “All they can do is run fast!” or “Children and beginners shouldn’t get near them!” – ALL FALSE!) and encourage other equestrians to join #TeamOTTB !!

We’ve been featured in “California Thoroughbred” and “Thoroughbred Today” magazines, sharing our story and promoting Thoroughbred Aftercare. Jack was also an important part of my year of service as Mrs. California United States 2021; an experience that afforded me the opportunity to share Aftercare and the wonderful qualities of OTTBs with new audiences across the country.

Thank you for helping us support the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation! 100% of your gift, at any level, will make a difference and help me and Jack reach our goal. Thank you!