Bergen Stables: Where the Horses in Training Give to the Retired Racehorses

It all began with True Prosperity

In late October 2018, the team at the TRF received a wonderful message from Sharlene Kenny of Bergen Stables. Sharlene had some happy news to share with the horses in the TRF Herd! She was calling to let us know that a sassy little filly in the Bergen Stables herd named True Prosperity had “chosen” the TRF as her designated charity as she began her first year in racing as a 3 year old in 2019. What a generous gift!

2019: A year in training and racing

Over the course of the year, our favorite filly, True Prosperity began her career as a racehorse. With each race, the TRF team sent our best wishes for a “safe & speedy” trip and our little girl made us very proud. Thanks to her generosity, and some help from the big-hearted Bergen Stables’ team, True Prosperity starting sending checks to the TRF Herd after each of her races. When she finished in the money, she sent 1 percent of her winnings and when she didn’t hit the board, she remained committed to her retired friends with a donation in their honor. We had a wonderful time tracking her progress, and when her first year of racing was done at the end of 2019, True Prosperity and the Bergen Stables team had given a total of $1,035 to the TRF Herd!

Welcome Pearl, to the TRF Team!!

2020: A New Year begins with a teammate for True Prosperity. Pearls for Josie joins the TRF Team!

As the snow continues to fall in New York and New Jersey, the Bergen Stables team have sent their new runners to Tampa to stretch their legs. In late December 2019, Sharlene reached out to the TRF with more exciting news – a new member of the Bergen Stables’ herd, Pearls for Josie, had selected the TRF as their designated aftercare charity. What wonderful news! We can’t wait to cheer for Pearl and the team at Bergen Stables over the months ahead.

Pearls for Josie

2021: Hiya Harry Joins the Divine Divas

Born in NY and following the “tradition” of adding a Bergen Stables horse to our TRF runners each year, Harry stepped up and chose TRF because of the wonderful programs where the HORSES give men, women and youths a second chance! We have dubbed True Prosperity and Pearls for Josie “The Divine Divas” and Harry is honored to be included!

Hiya Harry

Care to join True Prosperity, Hiya Harry, and Pearls for Josie?

The fabulous fillies at Bergen Stables have put their pretty heads together and decided that they’d like to try to sponsor a horse in the TRF herd in 2020. This means they are aiming to raise $2500 to care for one of the retired racehorses of the TRF, and they’d love to have you help them do this. We’ll keep you posted as they make progress toward their goal with their winnings!


Hiya Harry is from Bergen Stable’s 2018 foals (True Prosperity is 2016 and Pearl is 2017).

About Bergen Stables

Bergen Stables was started because we understand what a partner wants and expects.  Through our partnership experiences, we have learned the good and the bad – mostly about how it feels to pay for a share of ownership and still be left out.  Communication is a must!

We offer select horses in partnerships for racing or breeding.  Knowing of our experience when we were in partnerships, there is a complete understanding of what a partner should get out of being teamed up with Bergen Stables.  Please know, however, the best interest of the horse will always come first and that includes letting the horse be a horse.  Our horses are and will remain drug free (unless medically necessary).

Our horses are stabled in New York and New Jersey and love to socialize! They welcome the attention  and enjoy getting treats so you are welcome to visit with them.  We find it to be therapeutic to watch the horses in the field or spend time one on one and just enjoy them.  It is always especially fun when the foals arrive!

As our experience and knowledge continues to grow each day, rest assured that you or the horses will never be ignored.

Join us as we continue our journey with these magnificent animals!

True Prosperity

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