Foaled in New York in 2013, she raced 16 times with lifetime earnings of $71,262. Tiffany came to TRF through the […]
Foaled in Kentucky in 2001, he raced 16 times with lifetime earnings of $29,786. Always looks good, youngish. Frightful now happily […]
Foaled in Florida in 2005, he raced 63 times with lifetime earnings of $155,614! Sonny came to TRF as a rescue […]
This gelding literally wears his heart on his sleeve. He recently returned to the TRF Second Chances Program in Lexington, […]
This handsome 11 year old gelding lives at the TRF Second Chances Farm in Ocala, Florida. Learn more about his […]
This spunky mare is 18 years old but still loves to race around the fields at the TRF Second Chances […]
Bold Mon is a TRF favorite because of his fun personality. He can be a frisky guy in the field, […]
Carterista loved Florida and loved to be first, so it was fitting that he was the first horse to arrive […]
Foaled 1998 Whiskey is a handsome fellow with Man O’ War in his pedigree.  During his career, he had 41 […]
Foaled 2000 A very sweet mare who is a lovely copper color with lots of chrome.  She had a career […]
Foaled 2012 Ready is a Kentucky boy through and through, he was bred and foaled there 2013, raced most of […]
Foaled 2013 A very sweet, little mare. When she was just 3 years old, she sustained a career ending injury. […]
Foaled 2011 Dreamer is a big kid, the youngster of the herd always begging the older horses to play with […]
Foaled 2000 Horton is the class clown to the core.  He is the super curious and is always checking pockets […]