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Foster a Horse - Thoroughbred Retirement FoundationThoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Foster a Horse

Foster a retired horseBy fostering a retired racehorse, you will completely change his world. Fostering means that you assume physical responsibility for the daily care of one or more TRF residents without the permanent commitment of ownership.

All Thoroughbreds in the TRF Foster Care program are pasture-sound and carefully selected for friendly temperament as well as their natural desire to bond with their caretakers. We will work with you directly to choose a horse who fits your lifestyle and farm, and ask that you commit to him for at least one year.

Over 50 TRF horses are currently thriving in Foster Care homes and their caretakers consider these Thoroughbreds a valued member of the family. By joining our program, you’re providing a wonderful life for a deserving athlete who otherwise might have faced a grim fate, and you’re also helping the TRF assist other needy horses.

Most former racehorses are happiest and healthiest when they are turned out all day with free access to a sturdy, roofed, 3-sided shelter, and we ask that you provide this during Foster Care. The TRF offers gift-in-kind (tax deductible) credit or reimbursement for veterinary and farrier expenses, if requested.

We believe that every racehorse – especially those who can’t be ridden due to racing-related injuries – deserves the comfort of a home where he is special to someone.

Review our sample Foster Care Agreement