Francis enjoying a cool down walk – May 2020

Summer 2020 Update:

As the warmer weather has finally arrived in Massachusetts the Mass Pro Makeover Team has been working with Francis regularly. His 13th ride happened on May 16th, and here’s a summary of that flat lesson from the team “Ride #13! Tonight Francis was back in the ring with Liz. We were joined by our good friend and local trainer, June Gillis-Ahern of Victory Stables for a flat lesson. This was Francis’s first ride back after his massage and he certainly felt like he was loosening up a little bit more to the right…yay ??. We worked a lot on our w/t, bending, circles and figure 8’s. Then we worked on our canter to trot transitions. Francis was very eager to please as always. We ended the night neck reining around at the walk…maybe he wants to be a western pleasure pony?”

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May 2020: The Team needs some help

As eager and willing as Francis has been through these first few months of his retraining, the Team is concerned that there may be some underlying issues that are limiting his progress. The decision has been made to engage the terrific folks at Myhre Equine Clinic to do a full body work up on him, to be sure that we’re doing all we can to support him through the Makeover process. The exam will include X-rays of his neck/ back, knees, feet and hocks. With gratitude to Dr. Myhre for offering this evaluation at a great discount to Francis as a TRF Ambassador, we are now asking our “Friends of Francis” to help us raise the money to pay for the evaluation on June 9th.

(Note: Francis also welcomes $ contributed directly to Myhre Equine Clinic for the eval, if you prefer, but these gifts will not be tax deductible donations.)

Gifts of $10, $25 or $50 add up quickly – and every gift is a donation to the TRF (tax deductible!)


March 2020: Meet Francis Freud – as he begins his journey to a new career!

The most anticipated moment has arrived…everyone meet Francis Freud ????. Francis is a 2012 model bay gelding who last raced in June of 2019. He finished his career on the track sound after 55 starts. Francis will be with us as a foster from The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the aftercare of retired racehorses. It is our pleasure to take on this sweet guy, and help with his retraining for a 2nd career (whatever that may be…we’ll see what he fancies). For now we’ll get him settled in, adjusted to the new routine and once the ring thaws out we’ll get to work! ~Christina & Liz

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May 2020:

Warmer Weather = Spa Day!
Francis under saddle with Liz!

March 2020: Francis arrives in MA

Francis – March 2020

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