The Hoof Makes the Horse #TRFfarrierfund

The TRF’s 2021 Giving Tuesday Goal is $20,000.

By raising $20,000 in ONE DAY, we will cover THREE MONTHS of hoof care for our beloved herd.

Please join us!!

Giving Thanks. As we engage our friends across the country in this ambitious one-day campaign, we are also asking horse-lovers everywhere to join us in CELEBRATING the hard working, dedicated and invaluable farriers who take care of our horses’ hooves 12 months a year, no matter the weather, and keep their hooves happy and healthy.

We invite all of our “friends of the herd” to join us on social media, sharing thanks, photos and appreciation for farriers around the world.



Farrier, Doug, working on Niles – November 2019 (TRF Second Chances Program, Sykesville, MD)

About the TRF Farrier Fund

There’s no argument around the world and across the broadest reach of horse-lovers everywhere that a horse’s health is tied directly to the health of its hooves. Across the nation, the TRF relies on the expertise, caring and hard work of dozens of dedicated farriers (otherwise known as Blacksmiths) to tend to the four fragile feet of our aging equine athletes.

This amazing team of equine podiatrists help us and our herd all year long, through all weather and all seasons. As we rally our friends of the TRF Herd today, we will be sharing our heartfelt thanks to this extraordinary group of “heroes for the horses” whose hard work is at the heart at of our mission. It is our donors, like you, who enable us to provide this quality of care with each of our horses. We are thankful to you for this support!

You Can Help Us – Spread the Word

Join our team by sharing this campaign on your social media! Visit the TRF Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter Feed to share & like our posts (or share this link) and engage your friends & family in our effort. Please use hashtags #TRFfarrierfund #givingtuesday

Giving Thanks for our Farriers across the Country!

Chris Chaffman in Taneytown, MD – thank you!
Raymond Wheeler in Ocala, Florida- thank you!
Rick Edmonds in VA – thank you!
Tim Cline in VA – thank you!
Teddy Mulligan in VA – thank you!

In our Farm Managers’ Words – We Give Thanks!

I have a team of three that work very hard to keep my guys feet in good shape. They are very in tuned to the horses. Many in my herd are lame in some way but these three accommodate each horse to it capabilities. All three have been with us for at least 7 years and I can count on them to help if I have a foot problem. The old adage is true “No foot, No horse”. With so many horses to trim it can be rigorous work and the weather doesn’t always cooperate but they never complain. Teddy, Rick and Tim are invaluable to me and I’m glad for an opportunity to give them a shout out.” ~ A. Leach, TRF Sanctuary Farm Manager, Front Royal, VA

“I have 13 permanent retirees that need their feet trimmed regularly, just like most horses, but sometimes we have to make accommodations for the older ones. Their knees or ankles may not be as flexible as they once were, so my farrier makes sure they are comfortable as possible first, even if that puts him in an uncomfortable position. Rome, DD and JB all appreciate the extra time and patience he takes when working with on them. A gentle touch goes a long way. I am thankful to James Pendergast for his care for our horses.” S. Davenport, TRF Herd Manager

“My farrier, Chris Chaffman, aka Chaffman Farrier Services, is the best. He goes the extra mile to make sure their feet are taken care of and fits me in, even at the last minute!!!  As they say, if you have no hoof, you have no horse!!” ~S. Nichols, TRF Sanctuary Farm Manager, Taneytown, MD

“Doug Ruch is so good with the older horses. He holds their legs close to the ground so as not to stress their arthritic joints. He takes his time and let’s them rest often knowing that standing on three legs can get uncomfortable for some of the horses.  He has done a great job of balancing their feet so they can live barefoot.” ~ S. Stein, Board Member

“Steve Sherman is a kind and gentle man. He accompanies me three times a year to preform a tiring task. He explain countless information to my inmates about the horses feet and structure. Steve explains information in regards to infection and old injuries. Steve is a great asset to our program.” ~ K. Kober, TRF Second Chances Program Manager, Wallkill, NY

From the ground up, our farriers keep our horses comfortable and happy. Ashley Gasky goes above and beyond to ensure everything from hoof angles, to hoof quality is on par to keep our retirees sound and moving forward (literally and figuratively!) “ ~ C. O’Reilly, TRF Saratoga Summer Farm Manager, Saratoga Springs, NY

About Giving Tuesday

Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. This year Giving Tuesday falls on November 30th – and we hope you’ll join us!

On Tuesday, November 30th, the staff, leadership, volunteers and friends of the TRF have set their sights on raising funds to cover the cost of three months of farrier visits for our beloved herd of aging horses (and hooves).

This #Giving Tuesday campaign is a timely opportunity to extend a bit of the holiday spirit to these beautiful animals who depend on the safe, secure and lifelong sanctuary of the TRF when they are no longer able to compete or pursue second athletic careers.

Your small gift of $25 (or more) will add your voice to the friends of the horses who cannot speak for themselves. Please consider kicking off your holiday giving season with a gift today!