TRF Horseshoe Drive: March 2022

What do I do?

  • Collect your USED Horseshoesdon’t throw them away!
  • Drop them off (in a bag or bucket) at Rick Schosberg’s Barn (Belmont Barn # 42) – look for the big blue barrels
  • SNAP A SELFIE when you drop them off
  • Text it to Kim/ TRF 703 939 5052 or Kathy/ NYTHA 516 309 2334 (so TRF & NYTHA can thank you)
  • Drive ends Friday, March 12th

How does this help the horses?

  • After March 12th, the TRF will gather all the horseshoes, bring them to Saratoga, clean them, and tie ribbons on them.
  • In March, the TRF will launch a “lucky horseshoe” St Paddy’s Day fundraiser on line, and donors who give $30 or more to the horses of the TRF will receive a “lucky horseshoe” from the NYRA racetrack community.
  • People LOVE horseshoes, and they really love knowing they came from a “real racehorse” and these simple gifts make people feel much more connected to the horses – those in training, those working at the track as ponies, and those living in the sanctuary of the TRF.
  • Together, we’re turning “trash” into “treasure” for the horses!