Wish her a “Fabulous Fifty-something” with a Gift of Time (one hour)!

Kim’s Birthday Wish for 2020: Please watch (and share) the TRF Blackburn 2020 Horse Show (1 hour, 6 min).

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A Birthday Wish (2020)

Hi Friends & Family!

My, what a year it’s been. Grateful for all the amazing adventures that comprised my full-tilt, year-long celebration of last year’s “Milestone” Birthday (2019).

This year (2020) we’ve been as hunkered down as hunkered down can be, and equally grateful to call this amazing town of Saratoga Springs our home. We couldn’t imagine a place we’d rather be!

Thanks to technology we’ve felt connected to our friends and loved ones near and far, and just this past week I had an amazing opportunity to not only connect with “the whole wide world” but to share the mission and the message that I consider my calling – the TRF Second Chances Program – with everyone! Heartfelt thanks to all who “tuned in” for the LiveStream on 10.20.2020 as well as those who’ve set aside the time since then to sit down and soak it in “on demand”.

My goal for the Horse Show is threefold:

  1. Make the world aware
  2. Invite the world to care
  3. Inspire those who choose to care, to act! (Whatever that may be!)

So, here we are – my birthday week! And, my request for each of my friends and loved ones is simple:

And if you’re inspired – send me a note to let me know that you’ve watched & shared, I’d love to hear from you! My email is kim@thoroughbredretirement.org

Keep in Touch – Follow Our Adventure!

And, of course, Gifts for the Horses – Always Welcome!

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A Perfect Fit!

Kim’s early vivid memories of the racing industry include watching the horses work in the mornings at Del Mar. Her love of racing today owes much to the joy that she and her husband have found in the sport over their 20+ years together. Starting with a first date at Laurel racetrack in Maryland, Kim and her husband, Bobby, have been traveling to Saratoga for 20 years for the beauty, tradition and sport of racing. As enthusiastic supporters of racing, they’ve traveled the world to enjoy the majesty of the thoroughbred and the vibrant mix of people, places and animals that bring the sport to life. In March 2018, Kim and Bobby moved to Saratoga so that they might both pursue careers that they are passionate about while living in a town they love.

Starting on May 1, 2018 just a few days before the running of the 144th Kentucky Derby, Kim joined the TRF  as the Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving. In Kim’s own words, from her cover letter to TRF:

“I was born to help strangers become passionate about the things in which I believe and I believe whole-heartedly in the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.”

Since 1983, the mission of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation is clear and simply stated: To save thoroughbred horses no longer able to compete at the racetrack from possible neglect, abuse and slaughter.