Lemon Squeezy (Jockey Club Name “Lemon Kay”) winning in 2015 – Coady Photography
Join Shari and Lemon Squeezy on October 20, 2020.

About Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squeezy (Jockey Club name Lemon Kay) was a winning racehorse, placing in the top three 17 times out of 24 starts. He won six races before retiring in 2016. Lemon Squeezy is now part of Business Strategist, Leadership Coach, and best-selling author Shari J Goodwin’s world class leadership coaching herd and is her personal riding partner. He is also the star of her new Amazon best-selling book, Reinventing Greatness: Leading Yourself & Others Through Change with Confidence & Trust. He has a big heart and wants to “win” in everything he attempts. He’s excited to support TRF and his fellow ex-racehorses. Check out photos below, he’s quite a character!

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May 12th at 12pm

TRF Second Chances “Behind the Scenes”: evolution and virtual tour of the program.

Saving Horses. Saving Lives

Goals of the presentation:

1. Shari and Kim will welcome a great group of people for inspiration, education, fellowship and good cheer;
2. Kim will provide a “behind the scenes” look at the TRF Second Chances Program along with a “virtual tour” of the 7 programs in 7 states across the US;
3. Together we will affirm that good, hopeful and positive work is happening every day, despite the events that have disrupted all our lives.

NOTE: This is not a fundraising event. It is intended to be informational/ educational, interactive… and fun!

We’ll keep the presentation lively, while sharing an in-depth look at the partnership model that underlies each of the TRF Second Chances Programs, starting with our flagship program at Wallkill Correctional Facility. We’ll share the evolution of the program since it began 35 years ago and introduce each of the 7 programs and their unique features, reflecting the different correctional facilities in each state (and preview 2 new programs in process). The presentation be delivered in (2) 15 min sessions, with Q & A after each part.

Are you considering your own journey of reinvention?

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Registration fee: $50

(Includes Book, Lunch & Donation to the TRF)

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About the Event

The ability to adapt to change, pivot, and lead your business and career are key to long-term success. Change is inherent and you must respond appropriately or risk failure. Join business strategist, leadership coach, and best-selling author, Shari J Goodwin of Jaeger2 to explore top tips for when and how to pivot and reposition for sustainable success.

Kim Weir, Director of Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF), will share inspiring stories of pivots taking place every day with TRF’s Second Chances program which helps inmates find their own pathway to reinvention through the wordless, powerful coaching of the retired racehorses they care for.

All registrants will receive a copy of Shari’s Amazon best-selling book, Reinventing Greatness: Leading Yourself & Others Through Change with Confidence & Trust. Come join us for great networking, lunch, stimulating content, and a new book all for a worthy cause! Shari’s speeches have been called “life-changing.”

Photos from our June 22nd Event: “The Power of Reinvention”

June 22, 2019 “The Power of Reinvention”

In June 2019, Kim Weir of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) and Shari Goodwin, Strategist and Leadership Coach of Jaeger2 LLC, and a group of supporters shared a casual, informative and fun afternoon celebrating of the power of reinvention featuring Lemon Squeezy. He was a total charmer and shared some smooth moves and insights with the crowd.

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Here he is in action teaching leadership to the people and learning dressage!

Lemon Squeezy teaching the people!

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