Pete co-hosts the TRF Blackburn 2020 Horse Show

In case you missed it… The TRF Blackburn Horse Show is available On Demand. Check it out over the holidays!

About the Horse Show in JK’s words: I love horses and horse racing and I believe in Second Chances. While I’ve been a supporter and Ambassador for the TRF Second Chances program for some time, I had never had the chance to experience the program “first hand”…. until now.  Watching the TRF Blackburn 2020 Horse Show gave me that opportunity.   Meeting the men, seeing them work with and care for the horses and hearing how much the program helps them re-imagine their futures was simply awesome.

If you haven’t yet watched the Horse Show, I hope you’ll take the time (about an hour) to do so. I promise it will make you feel better about the world. It may give you hope that change is possible and it might even inspire you to do what you can to make a difference.” – JK

Farewell Summer, Welcome Fall… and introducing Whiskey for the Horses!

A message from Pete: This is a barrel pick I made over at Albany Distilling Company. It’s a 6-year-old American malt that I think both Scotch and Bourbon drinkers will enjoy.  I paid to have a very limited number of these bottles created with the idea that I would send them to people who donate money to help our founding partner, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

Cheers from Pete to horses of the TRF

Our In the Money Podcast Whiskey is here!

To get yourself a bottle, simply donate at least $150 via the button below, and leave a note in the comments with your gift to confirm that you’d like a bottle, and we’ll reach out to arrange delivery. Cheers!

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Cashed a Big Ticket? Claim your “Badge of Honor”!

Just launched – June 2020! From the brain of JK to the quality products of Old Smoke Clothing, the ITM Team has launched a truly unique way to demonstrate that horseplayers have the horses in their hearts… with the “Badge of Honor” tee. When you cash a ticket worth a mention, give a gift to the horses, and buy yourself this special tee. “I Won & So Did They”.

Check out Pete’s Blog Post about the Badge of Honor here!

Price $100. Old Smoke will direct $75 to the TRF and you get bragging rights forever!

JK and Pete – TRF Ambassadors at the TRF ‘Drive-thru” BBQ at the Barn (August 2020)

Putting the Horses in the Heart of Horseplayers

Building on an outstanding debut year, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) is absolutely thrilled to partner with the In the Money (ITM) Players’ Podcast in 2020.  With thanks to each and every horseplayer who donated to the TRF through the ITM Players Podcast link, the horseplayers’ community gave $15,012.37 to the retired racehorses of the TRF in 2019. At an average cost for care of $2500 per year, per horse in our herd, the horseplayers supported 6 aging equine athletes during the calendar year 2019. This is a tremendous accomplishment!

As we look ahead to the New Year of racing, we look forward to sharing more of the stories of the valiant retired racehorses who have brought so much joy to racing fans and horseplayers, and who now reside in the safe, lifelong sanctuary provided by the TRF.

A Call to Action:

Step One: Join our herd! We invite all of the listeners of the In The Money (ITM) Players’ Podcast to learn more about the TRF. We hope you will sign up to receive updates on our programs and appeals to support our work for the horses.

Step Two: A Gift of Thanks. Think about that one horse you singled in a race to close out a great Pick Six payout, or the one horse that came through at the wire to put you on top of the tournament, and dedicate a small (or large) gift to the TRF Herd in their honor. You’ll be glad you did!

Q4 2020 Goal: Sponsor a 5th Horse in the TRF Herd!

Donate Now

French Charmer (bay) and Glorious Gambler (grey) at TRF Second Chances Farm, Ocala, FL

Prefer to donate “off-line”? No problem!

Mail checks or direct Donor Advised Funds to make payment to: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, P.O. Box 834, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Attn: Kim Weir (indicate ITM Players Podcast in memo)

A Special Message from Pete & JK (April 2020)

As all of us strive to respond, react and be resilient in the face of the challenges and uncertainty of our current days, Pete & JK want to help the ITM community feel connected and to provide an opportunity to support those most vulnerable to the impact of the coronavirus crisis: the horses and the humans who care for them.

While Pete & JK remain committed to keeping the “horses in the hearts of the horseplayers” they also wish to provide an avenue for In the Money Players Podcast listeners to support the dedicated individuals, and families, of the backstretch community who care for these animals at the racetrack – every day, rain or shine, 365, whether they race or not.

To provide immediate support to the backstretch community, consider a gift to the New York Racetrack Chaplaincy – based at Belmont Racetrack and serving the extended community of hardworking backstretch workers at Belmont, Aqueduct and including those who live year long in the Saratoga area.

About the TRF & TRF Second Chances Program

Since 1984, the nationally acclaimed TRF Second Chances program has given thousands of aging equine athletes an incredibly impactful second career as teachers – helping men and women in prison begin to rebuild their lives through a practical vocational training curriculum and, above all, through the lessons of trust, patience, confidence and responsibility that horses teach everyone around them. Learn more about this program on our TRF Second Chances webpage

Every dollar makes difference as we care for 550 retired Thoroughbreds who have given their hearts to the sport we love, and to whom we all owe a healthy, safe and dignified life when their racing days are done.  Thank you for your support!

“I finished in the top 5 in my first major contest on Sunday and won my first ever seat to the NHC. I bet on the horse who put me over the top (My Danuskas Girl) and am giving a portion of that win back. Thanks for all you do, TRF, and to the Podcast!”

– Andrew Norris, Horseplayer and ITM Players’ Podcast Listener (April 2019)

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