In the Money Players’ Podcast

Putting the Horses in the Hearts of Horseplayers

Pete with three TRF Amabassadors – Amy & Keith (Lazy Dog Cookies) and Steve Moskowitz!

Wrapping up a big year with a BANG!

Pete and Steve kickoff an end of the year fundraiser to bring the TRF’a 40th anniversary celebration across the line with a big payday… for the horses.  Cheers to 40 Years!!  Listen to their podcast convo on 12.18.23.

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BE SURE TO MENTION YOUR GIFT in COMMENTS ($50 for a tie, $200 for whisky)

Must Watch Episode: Pete + Tyler Frame, TRF Graduate

Giving Back 

Give a Gift of Thanks. Think about that one horse you singled in a race to close out a great Pick Six payout, or the one horse that came through at the wire to put you on top of the tournament, and dedicate a small (or large) gift to the TRF Herd in their honor. You’ll be glad you did!

In 2021, the ITM community gave more than $31,000 over the course of the year – covering the care of 12 horses in the TRF Herd. In 2022, our goal is 15 horses …. and every single gift makes a difference!

In Memory – Pat Tammaro

Holiday Season Video Clip: Celebrating Horseplayers with the Horses in their Hearts (Dec 2021)

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