Putting the Horses in the Hearts of Horseplayers

Saratoga Fun Continues: August 23rd TRF BBQ at the Barn

Mark your calendars! One of the most anticipated events of the summer, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s Barbeque at the Barn will be held at the beautiful Saratoga Winery on Tuesday, August 23 from 5:00-9:00 p.m. NOTE: This event Always Sells Out – limited tickets remain available. Buy yours today!

In addition to a delicious meal (with a delicious vegetarian entree option), the event will feature family friendly activities, music, raffle and silent auction items along with special guests.

Must Watch Episode: Pete + Tyler Frame, TRF Graduate

Giving Back

Give a Gift of Thanks. Think about that one horse you singled in a race to close out a great Pick Six payout, or the one horse that came through at the wire to put you on top of the tournament, and dedicate a small (or large) gift to the TRF Herd in their honor. You’ll be glad you did!

In 2021, the ITM community gave more than $31,000 over the course of the year – covering the care of 12 horses in the TRF Herd. In 2022, our goal is 15 horses …. and every single gift makes a difference!

In Memory – Pat Tammaro

Holiday Season Video Clip: Celebrating Horseplayers with the Horses in their Hearts (Dec 2021)

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December: The ITM/ TRF Holiday Gift Guide

  1. ITM Rye 2021 Edition: a thank you gift from Pete, for a gift of $200 or more – leave a comment with your gift to confirm that you’d like the ITM Rye. Supplies are limited. Use donate button above!
  2. Woodford Reserve 2021 Limited Edition bottle signed by H. Graham Motion and John Velazquez, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Animal Kingdom’s Kentucky Derby Victory (2011): a thank you gift from Pete, for a gift of $120 or more – leave a comment with your gift to confirm that you’d like the Bourbon. Supplies are limited. Use donate button above!
  3. 2022 This is Horse Racing Calendar: with each calendar, the team at This is Horse Racing will donate $5 toward the TRF on Giving Tuesday. Click here to purchase.
  4. TRF Apparel by Old Smoke: with each purchase of TRF gear, the team at Old Smoke will donate the proceeds of sale to the TRF. Click here to shop the collection.
  5. TRF Horse Sponsorship: give a gift of a horse from the TRF Herd to a friend or family member, choose your level, choose your horse, and you (or your gift recipient) will receive updates & photos throughout the year. Click here for details.
These signed, limited edition & limited quantity bottles were given to Pete by Anita and Graham Motion in recognition of his terrific work for the TRF Herd in 2021.

October: The TRF Lowell 20th Anniversary Horse Show

Wherever you are, you can watch the recording on demand! TRF Lowell 20th Anniversary Horse Show, global livestream:

Tune in wherever you are (Oct 21st, or later) – to See, Hear, Feel the Magic!

October: Celebrating a “Hero for the Horses”: Bill Duncliffe

Bill Duncliffe’s Walk for the Horses is a terrific example of the good thing that happen when people are inspired and choose to “do something”. Bill is a long time friend of the In the Money Media team, and thanks to his work on the 3 part series on Quick Call, he was led to create his own personal fundraiser for the horses of the TRF. Celebrating his 65th Birthday by walking the route of the Boston Marathon, Bill has already raised nearly $5000 for the TRF Herd! CONGRATULATIONS BILL – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 10.16.21!!

Check out Bill Duncliffe’s Walk for the Horses – perhaps you’ll be inspired to give a gift or create your own fundraiser!

2021 ITM Summer Events:

August 11th: Gumbo for the Horses hosted by NHC Champion, Michael Beychok. Missed the event? Watch the video recap!

August 25th: TRF BBQ at the Barn. In the Money Media was proud to be a sponsor of this terrific Saratoga summertime celebration of the horses. Missed the event? Enjoy this recap by Art Gonick.

Whiskey for the Horses Returns – 2021 it’s the year of Rye!

A special Thank You gift for donations of $200 (or more)

Be sure to mention the Whiskey in the comments to let Pete know whether you’d like a bottle with his thanks!

About the Whiskey. The new Players’ Podcast whiskey comes to us once again from our friends at Albany Distilling Company and their Ironweed Series. This is a whiskey with a great New York twist in honor of fans being welcomed back to Saratoga this summer. Historically, Rye Whiskey and Apple Brandy are the two most “New York” spirits. We’ve taken a 4 year old rye and aged it an additional four months in an apple brandy barrel.

The result, as you’ll taste, is delicious!

JK and Pete – TRF Ambassadors at the TRF ‘Drive-thru” BBQ at the Barn (August 2020)

A New Year Begins

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) is absolutely thrilled to partner with the In the Money (ITM) Players’ Podcast for a 3rd year.  With thanks to every horseplayer who donated to the TRF through the ITM Players Podcast link, the horseplayers’ community gave $21,833 to the retired racehorses of the TRF in 2020. This is a tremendous accomplishment!

As we look ahead to the New Year of racing in 2021, we look forward to sharing more of the stories of the valiant retired racehorses who have brought so much joy to racing fans and horseplayers, and who now reside in the safe, lifelong sanctuary provided by the TRF.

Prefer to donate “off-line”? No problem!

Mail checks or direct Donor Advised Funds to make payment to: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, P.O. Box 834, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Attn: Kim Weir (indicate ITM Players Podcast in memo)

Cashed a Big Ticket? Claim your “Badge of Honor”!

Launched June 2020! From the brain of JK to the quality products of Old Smoke Clothing, the ITM Team has launched a truly unique way to demonstrate that horseplayers have the horses in their hearts… with the “Badge of Honor” tee. When you cash a ticket worth a mention, give a gift to the horses, and buy yourself this special tee. “I Won & So Did They”.

Check out Pete’s Blog Post about the Badge of Honor here!

Price $100. Old Smoke will direct $75 to the TRF and you get bragging rights forever!

TRF Blackburn 2020 Horse Show – A Global Event (Watch “On Demand” Today!)

About the Horse Show in JK’s words: I love horses and horse racing and I believe in Second Chances. While I’ve been a supporter and Ambassador for the TRF Second Chances program for some time, I had never had the chance to experience the program “first hand”…. until now.  Watching the TRF Blackburn 2020 Horse Show gave me that opportunity.   Meeting the men, seeing them work with and care for the horses and hearing how much the program helps them re-imagine their futures was simply awesome.

If you haven’t yet watched the Horse Show, I hope you’ll take the time (about an hour) to do so. I promise it will make you feel better about the world. It may give you hope that change is possible and it might even inspire you to do what you can to make a difference.” – JK

French Charmer (bay) and Glorious Gambler (grey) at TRF Second Chances Farm, Ocala, FL

Every dollar makes difference as we care for 550 retired Thoroughbreds who have given their hearts to the sport we love, and to whom we all owe a healthy, safe and dignified life when their racing days are done.  Thank you for your support!

TRF on the Players Podcast: The Archives

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