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In the Money Players' Podcast - Thoroughbred Retirement FoundationThoroughbred Retirement Foundation

In the Money Players’ Podcast

Horseplayers and horses have a lot in common. We compete as hard as we can and we make the business of racing go on. It’s no secret our sport needs to do more to ensure the future of these animals. The tireless work of the TRF helps them find a path to leading long, healthy lives. JK and I are proud to partner with the TRF.

– Peter Thomas Fornatale

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) is proud to partner with the In the Money (ITM) Players’ Podcast in 2019.  We look forward to sharing the stories of the valiant retired racehorses who have brought so much joy to racing fans and horseplayers, and who now reside in the safe, lifelong sanctuary provided by the TRF.

A Call to Action:

Step One: Join our herd! We invite all of the listeners of the In The Money (ITM) Players’ Podcast to learn more about the TRF. We hope you will sign up to receive updates on our programs and appeals to support our work for the horses.

Step Two: A Gift of Thanks. Think about that one horse you singled in a race to close out a great Pick Six payout, or the one horse that came through at the wire to put you on top of the tournament, and dedicate a small (or large) gift to the TRF Herd in their honor. You’ll be glad you did!

This year the TRF celebrates “35 years of Second Chances”. Since 1984, the nationally acclaimed TRF Second Chances program has given thousands of aging equine athletes an incredibly impactful second career as teachers – helping men and women in prison begin to rebuild their lives through a practical vocational training curriculum and, above all, through the lessons of trust, patience, confidence and responsibility that horses teach everyone around them.

Every dollar makes difference as we care for 650 retired Thoroughbreds who have given their hearts to the sport we love, and to whom we all owe a healthy, safe and dignified life when their racing days are done.  Thank you for your support!

“I finished in the top 5 in my first major contest on Sunday and won my first ever seat to the NHC. I bet on the horse who put me over the top (My Danuskas Girl) and am giving a portion of that win back. Thanks for all you do, TRF, and to the Podcast!”

– Andrew Norris, Horseplayer and ITM Players’ Podcast Listener (April 2019)

2019 Goal #1: Sponsor 1 horse for a year in the TRF herd – complete!
$2,500 as of 4.11.19 $2,500
get a progress bar at dollartimes.com
2019 Goal #2: Sponsor 2nd horse for a year in the TRF herd – Complete!
$2,500 as of 4.23.19 $2,500
get a progress bar at dollartimes.com
2019 Goal #3: Sponsor 3rd horse for a year in the TRF herd
$1,294 as of 5.14.19 $2,500
get a progress bar at dollartimes.com

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