TRF Saratoga Summer Farm

We ask all guests to respect the privacy of this private farm.

About the TRF Summer Farm

Saratoga is the summer place to be, and again this year the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) is hosting two of their retired Thoroughbred racehorses to reside at the TRF Saratoga Summer Farm for the 2023 racing season. These equine “Ambassadors” represent the organization’s herd of 425 former racehorses to whom the TRF provides lifelong sanctuary through the network of farms located across the United States. The Thoroughbreds’ presence in Saratoga will introduce and reinforce the TRF organization and mission to the racing community, racing fans and the general public. Their “summer job” is to raise awareness of the critical need and importance of Thoroughbred aftercare.

This summer the TRF is pleased to partner with our gracious hosts located just outside of the City of Saratoga Springs. Our 2023 TRF Herd Ambassadors have travelled from the TRF Second Chances Program at Wallkill Correctional Facility (Wallkill, NY) to the Saratoga Summer Farm.

Visits to the TRF Summer Farm are permitted during scheduled appointments only.

For more information or media visit to the TRF Saratoga Summer Farm, please sign up online or call TRF at (518) 226-0028.  Because the farm is a private venue, unscheduled visits are not allowed.

Meeting the TRF rescued Thoroughbred Ambassadors