Finding sponsors for 31 horses in 31 days is the theme of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s new horse sponsorship campaign. Over the course of the month of May, a new horse will be featured each day in the media, and donors will receive public recognition for their sponsorship donation.  When donors sponsor a horse, much like sponsoring a child, they will receive information about that horse throughout the year.

Horse Sponsorship has several levels of giving, starting at $250 a year, donors have the option to choose the amount they give and also may choose to give in monthly installments.  Horse lovers enjoy choosing a horse of their “own” and getting to know that horse. “It’s like owning a horse even if you don’t have a yard,” said TDN Publisher Sue Finley, who sponsors a horse at the Wallkill Correction Facility. “For the cost of your daily caramel macchiato at the local Starbucks, you can do your part for Thoroughbred aftercare, and have a meaningful impact.”

Horse sponsorship directly impacts the horses in the herd by helping TRF to care for them for their lifetime, and enabling the organization to continue with rescue, adoption and TRF Second Chances programs.

According to sponsors Kimberly and Bob Weir who fully sponsor former racehorse Atlas Shrugged in Virginia, “For us, our hearts lie with the horses who share their spirit, speed and profound beauty with the racing world and do so without reserve.  As members of the racing community, we feel it is our absolute duty to care for these noble animals – regardless of their breeding, their accomplishments, or even their personality – and to ensure that they are cared for by those whose entertainment and livelihood depend upon them, long after their days on the track are behind them”.

“Horse Sponsorship is especially for people who love horses and is a wonderful opportunity to support these deserving horses in a personal and meaningful way,” remarked Jennifer Stevens, TRF’s Director of Horse Sponsorship.   For photos and detailed information on each horse please visit: