TRF Sanctuary Farm at Nash Farm

TRF Sanctuary Farm at Nash Farm

The Nash Family Farm in Prospect, Kentucky is home to some very lucky retired racehorses. One of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation’s sanctuary farms, these sprawling fields are home to ten retirees. They range in age from sixteen to twenty-two, and have been lucky to find Kentucky home, coming from every background one could imagine. 

Meet the Herd

Meet the Herd at Nash Farm

The herd is under the watchful eye of the TRF National Herd Manager Sara Davenport, and are at the very least, spoiled rotten. Many of these horses are available for sponsorship, or adoption as a companion horse.  This farm opened in November 2018. 

What does this herd need? You can help!

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About the Farm Manager:

Not only does Sara Davenport oversee this herd of horses, but she is the National Herd Manager for the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Having been with the TRF for over ten years, Sara is well versed in the needs of our ever aging herd of retirees. She oversees the health and well being over all the TRF facilities- and loves having these thoroughbreds to spoil on a daily basis.