Uptown Joe “Joey”

Foaled in 2011 (9 years old).  This super-sweet bay gelding raced 13 times, earning just over $80,000. Joey joined our herd in March 2019 and spent his first months with us in Saratoga at our Summer Farm and as a TRF Herd Ambassador. Over the course of last summer, Joey created his own fan club as a star at our Summer Farm “Open Barns” and especially from his appearance at our TRF BBQ at the Barn. HINT: He’ll be back at the TRF ‘Drive-thru’ BBQ at the Barn on August 11th!

Last Fall Joey went to spend a few happy months at the Nipper Knolls Equine Center as a therapy horse where he was much beloved. According to Cathy Lamando, Founder of Nipper Knolls, “Joe absolutely loves people and is a complete gentleman. He is a kind, sweet boy. He worked with several of our veterans. He truly enjoys being groomed and petted. He’s the perfect pasture pal.

Joey returned to the TRF herd just before Thanksgiving and has enjoyed his time as a teacher at the WallKill correctional facility, but we know he would love the daily one on one attention of being a family’s beloved equine pet.  He has a significant pastern injury which prevents him from pursuing another athletic career, but he has much more love & life to give as a pasture pet or companion animal.

Learn more about his racing career here.