War Dancer: Sharing the Love with the TRF Herd

War Dancer: Sharing the Love with the TRF Herd

Horses giving to Horses – Sharing the Love!

The horses of the TRF are thankful to War Dancer, and the team at War Dancer Stud, for their gracious gesture of “horses giving to horses”.

War Dancer and his team have pledged to give the retired racehorses of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) a generous donation of $1,000 in recognition of each breeder who brings their mare to War Dancer during the 2021 Breeding Season in Saratoga. (Signed, full-pay contracts only.)

How to Participate: Submit an Inquiry

Breeders considering War Dancer for their Broodmare in 2021 are invited to complete this brief inquiry form. This form will “connect the dots” between the TRF and your mare, as a reference in case you decide to move ahead with breeding. One of the team at War Dancer Stud will be in touch promptly.

The TRF celebrates the many ways in which the individual owners, breeders, trainers and horsemen of the Thoroughbred racing industry give back to the horses to whom we owe so much.   War Dancer and his team are an example to be celebrated!

Learn more about our many creative TRF Ambassadors across the racing industry and beyond. We welcome new ideas to help generate the resources our beloved herd requires year after year.