About the TRF

Who We Are.

  • We are a nonprofit (501c3) charitable organization entirely supported by private donations from individuals, organizations and foundations.
  • We are a national foundation with HQ in Saratoga Springs, NY.
  • Founded in 1983, the TRF is the oldest & largest Thoroughbred Rescue in the US.
  • The TRF provides the promise of lifetime of sanctuary to each horse in our herd.
  • The TRF offers sanctuary to rescued and retired racehorses who are unable to pursue a second athletic careers.

The sad truth is that a vast majority of the general public and even many racing fans are unaware of the sad fate that awaits thousands of Thoroughbreds each year.

The TRF was founded in 1983; two years later, we had our first retiree.

His name was Promised Road and he was typical of the type of Thoroughbred that needs someone’s help and a caring home. He was then 9, an undistinguished campaigner whose career ended with a sixth-place finish in a $3,500 claiming race.

There have been thousands more like him who have come under the care of the TRF. Today, the TRF is the oldest and largest equine sanctuary of its kind in the world.

The TRF is about more than helping horses in need. Early in our history, Founder and Eclipse Award winner Monique S. Koehler negotiated a milestone agreement with the State of New York Department of Correctional Services. In exchange for land use and labor at the states Walkill Correctional Facility, the TRF would design, staff and maintain a vocational training program in equine care and management for inmates.

Upon the completion of their sentences, many former inmates who have worked with the horses have gone on to become productive, solid citizens and have been quick to give credit to the TRF program. For those who have come from hard scrabble backgrounds, theres no denying the emotional benefits and self esteem derived from caring for, trusting and, in many cases, loving another being.  This unique and life-affirming TRF program has been replicated at correctional facilities in eight states.

Most horses under TRF care suffered career-ending injuries on the track that make them suitable only for quiet retirement as pasture.  However, hundreds of TRF horses have successfully been retrained and adopted out to homes where they began new lives as pets, competition horses, police mounts, or equine-assisted therapy partners.

While the TRF can point with pride to its many accomplishments over the decades, the realization of the ultimate goal — saving all Thoroughbred racehorses from needless suffering or slaughter — is not yet in sight. The TRF must maintain the operating resources needed to ensure long-term continuity of care for our current retirees.

To do so, we need your help. The TRF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization entirely dependent on public contributions.  100% of our budget comes from generous individuals, businesses, and foundations.  Your support will make a difference to a Thoroughbred in jeopardy.

Our Leadership.

President & Chairman

Patrick H. Mackay

Executive Director

Kelly Armer

Board of Directors

John B. Cannie, Esq.
Katie Lamonica
Maggie Wolfendale-Morley
Dr. Stowe Burke DVM
Anita Motion
Paul H. Saylor

Daryl Tropea
Sarah Stein
Kelsey Marshall Hughes
Stephanie Brennan

Where We Are.