Leaders of Our Organization





Chairman and Director
Patrick H. Mackay

President and Director
John B. Cannie, Esq


Secretary and Director
Sarah Stein

Treasurer and Director
Paul H. Saylor


Board of Directors


    • Stephanie Brennan, Director
    • Dr. Stowe Burke, DVM, Director
    • Katie LaMonica, Director
    • Kelsey Marshall Hughes, Director
    • Anita Motion, Director
    • Daryl Tropea, Director
    • Maggie Wolfendale-Morley, Director

Founder & Chairman Emeritus 
Monique S. Koehler




Executive Director 
Kelly Armer

Director of Development and Communications
Vanessa A. Banks

Director of Donor Engagement
Kimberly B. Weir

Chief Financial Officer
Pat Stickney

National Herd Manager
Liz Bennett

Program Development Manager
Chelsea O’Reilly

Office Manager, HR and Accounting Assistant
Cheryl Tanner

Operations & Database Assistant
Bill Yusavage

Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator
Julia Christenson

Staff Writer
Francis LaBelle