Adoption, Retirement & Rescue


Why Adopt a Horse From the TRF? Adopt One, Save Two!

Adopting a horse from the TRF Herd opens up a space for the TRF to take in a new horse. You adopt one, and you save two!

Learn more about adoption from the TRF from our feature on Fox Sports 1 (August 2020)

More than 500 to choose from.   The horses in our herd come in all sizes, shapes and personalities, and they all love attention. Individuals and families who have room in their hearts and homes for a retired racehorse are encouraged to consider adopting.

Over 35 years, more than 500 of the 5000+ horses retired and rescued by the TRF have found adopted homes after joining TRF Herd. Our #1 goal for adoption is to find homes for our horses where they are loved and cared for, despite the physical limitations of their age and/or physical challenges. All TRF horses are permanent retirees. While they are not suitable for riding they are pasture sound and well-accustomed to living outdoors (with run-in sheds).

The promise of lifelong sanctuary. As you consider adoption from the TRF, we believe it is important to share that our “return policy” is clear, transparent and free from judgement. If ever a horse adopted from our herd finds him or herself at risk, we will have a place for him – no questions asked.

The benefits of adopting are many. In addition to the love and joy that a adopted horse may bring to your life, be sure to ask about the potential tax advantages available to individuals who adopt from the TRF (a 501c3 non profit organization).

Let’s get started!

Complete our Adoption Inquiry form to let us know a bit about you. The TRF National Herd Manager will work with you to find your perfect match if he or she lives within our herd. To start your search, please submit an inquiry form.


The greatest gift. The promise of lifelong sanctuary.

Is your racehorse ready to retire? Are you seeking the peace of mind of a safe, secure and lifelong home for your retired OTTB? The TRF offers retirement to those owners who need a home for their horse, and who are able to support them for the remainder of their natural lives. Horses retired to the (TAA Accredited) TRF are well-cared for and have access to pasture around the clock whenever possible. Focused on sanctuary rather than retraining or re-homing, the TRF will provide lifetime care for horses who cannot be ridden due to age or infirmity.

Criteria for Retirement: Registered Thoroughbreds (mares or geldings only) who have a race record, are free from contagious or communicable diseases, and for which private retirement is unavailable or unsuitable, may apply to the TRF for a lifelong home within our national herd.

A simple process (as space is available): To apply for retirement within the TRF Herd the owner must complete the TRF Retirement Application, submit a properly endorsed Jockey Club certificate of foal registration and transport the horse to the designated TRF facility. A retirement fee (charitable donation) will be requested in order to complete the retirement process, along with an agreement to continue supporting this horse for the remainder of its natural life.


As a result of the COVID-19 Crisis (Spring-Summer 2020), the TRF is experiencing an extraordinarily high volume of requests for rescue for horses in need. Our heart breaks with every story.

If your circumstances have placed the welfare of your retired Thoroughbred racehorse in jeopardy, please let us know. Please complete our Request for Rescue form, so that we may assess the possibility of providing your horse with sanctuary in the TRF Herd. Please be advised that space and resources are severely limited.