TRF Sanctuary Farm at Chestnut Hall

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TRF Sanctuary Farm at Chestnut Hall (Prospect, KY)

  • Year Established: 2021

  • Acreage: 25

  • Capacity: 10

About the Farm

Established in April 2021, the TRF Sanctuary Farm at Chestnut Hall has been created with the specific intention of introducing the Louisville community, neighbors from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and visitors around the world to the beauty and magic of Thoroughbred horses. 

Home to 10 retired Thoroughbred racehorses, Chestnut Halls sits on 25 picturesque acres. The horses at Chestnut Hall vary in their racing stats, some horses may have never won a race and few who have great race records. All the horses, who call Chestnut Hall home, will enjoy a lifetime of safety and sanctuary with the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

The horses have served as ambassadors for Thoroughbred aftercare to educate racing fans and the community at large about these equine athletes and the importance of providing a “soft landing” for each of them. Throughout the year, the TRF welcomes visitors to Chestnut Hall for tours and special events to meet the horses, learn about the lives of a Thoroughbred racehorse, and the many gifts they bring to the communities where they live.

Important Note: The TRF Sanctuary Farm at Chestnut Hall is not open to the public. Visitors are welcome by private appointment only.

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Note: We are unable to cancel, reschedule, or refund tours booked through our 3rd party affiliate or outside companies. Please contact them with any questions regarding your tour or upcoming tours. We are sorry if this creates any inconvenience, thank you for the understanding!

Thank you to our wonderful photographers in our gallery photos- Charles Toler, Kathy Davis, Molly B. Photography, Kyle Shepard, Anthony Seitz, and Linda Doane

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