Why Sponsor a Retired Racehorse

Located in the heart of horses country, the TRF Second Chances Program at the Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala, FL, currently cares for 50 retired racehorses located on 100 acres of land at the TRF Second Chances Farm.

While the horses relax in their well-deserved retirement, the inmates learn valuable skills that can serve them well after their release. Their experience, skills and certification in equine care will often open doors to equine related jobs.

Funding and the Second Chances Program

Despite the inmate training program and our partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections, the ongoing funding and care for our retired racehorses depends on people like you.

In you decide to sponsor a horse, for your donation, depending on the level you select, you will receive a photo of your horse, information about the horse’s background and a certificate of sponsorship.

Sponsorship Levels

The levels include:
  • $2,500 – Four Seasons Friend. Will feed and care for your horse for an entire year.
  • $1,000 – Forever Friend
  • $500 – Best Friend
  • $250 – Compassionate Friend

For all other friends, any amount under $250 is also greatly appreciated and will be used as part of our general fund. We can call this a “Gift of Love”.