Blinkers On Clothing Co.


Blinkers On Clothing Co. just launched a wonderful clothing line. Get your gear, a portion of proceeds will benefit the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation!

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About Blinkers On Clothing Co.


Bred in the heart of Saratoga Springs, Blinkers on Clothing Co is fashioning a legacy beyond the track. Combining modern style with a devotion for the equestrian spirit, our garments are more than threads and stitches—they’re a tribute to the thrill and timeless style of horse racing, the enduring charm of Saratoga summer, and the noble cause of supporting our four-legged heroes post-retirement.

We’re not just horse enthusiasts; we’re ‘Handicappers for horses’ – combining style, conscience, and care for the horse-loving community.

We aspire to be the online hub that connects horse enthusiasts, enriches their want to give back, and celebrates the remarkable bond between humans and horses. Join us on this exciting adventure as we embark on a shared passion for all things equine!



BOCO is all about hitting the trifecta in life. That means you should look good, feel good, and do good. All of our gear is going to look good on you, you’re going to feel good while wearing it, and you’re going to be doing good with every purchase, as proceeds from every sale go to supporting horses that provide us with so much excitement every Saratoga summer. Join us and live in the winner’s circle!