Where there’s a will, there’s a way; Please remember the TRF in your Estate Plans

When you choose to remember the TRF in your estate plans, the TRF will recognize your commitment and generosity by including you in the Promised Road Society. By including the TRF in your future plans, you honor the TRF’s first retiree, Promised Road, all the horses that followed him, and all the horses the TRF has yet to save. Your future gift is a promised road; it is a pledge to the horses we save that their road through retirement will be safe, compassionate, and filled with love. To let us know you have provided for the TRF in future plans or for more information about planned giving, please contact us at kim@thoroughbredretirement.org or (518) 226-0028.

Below is a testimonial from one member of the Promised Road Society:

Jacquie Basha with daughter, Jeannette, and TRF horse, Guidance UpJacquie Basha with daughter, Jeannette, and TRF horse, Guidance Up.

Planned Giving Testimonial:

I first learned about the mission of the TRF and the great work they do for retired racehorses in 2005. Since then, have been a loyal supporter and volunteer. In 2007, my daughter and I adopted a retired Thoroughbred from the TRF. I have also encouraged friends and fellow equestrians to do the same.

As a longtime racing fan, I have always admired the strength and beauty of Thoroughbreds, watching races with my family as a child. I became such a fan of racing that as a marketing and public relations executive, I have been representing racetracks and other racing organizations for a number of years, to promote the sport I so enjoy.

I have however always felt strongly that we owe it to these magnificent animals to provide them with a comfortable, dignified and safe retirement for the duration of their lives.

Most inspiring are the TRF programs that give horses and people a second chance. Visiting one such program at the Lowell Correctional Institution for Women in Florida, my home state was one of the most rewarding days I will ever remember. Although I will never know the fate of every racehorse, I do know that the 850horses in the care of the TRF will live out their lives in comfort, continuously receiving compassionate care. Plus, the individuals who care for them will experience the rewards and challenges of working with horses.

I support the TRF through their annual horse sponsorship program, by attending events, and as a volunteer, either in Florida or Saratoga Springs, New York, where I reside in the summer. To ensure my support into the future, I have remembered the TRF in my estate plans as a proud member of the Promised Road Society. I hope you will join me in securing the future of this wonderful organization.

Bequest – By remembering the TRF in your will, you may be able to secure a charitable estate-tax deduction for the value of the gift. Best of all, you will know that your generosity will support the TRF for years to come and leave a lasting legacy. For including the TRF in your future plans, you will be recognized as a member of the TRF’s legacy society, The Promised Road Society. For more information please contact kim(at)thoroughbredretirement.org

Giving Retirement Plan Benefits –  You may consider using retirement plan benefits to make a significant gift that will support the TRF. Because of the estate and income tax treatment of retirement plan benefits, the cost of your gift to your estate and heirs is often relatively small. For more information please contact kim(at)thoroughbredretirement.org