The Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation has donated $85,000 to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Farrier Fund to cover the organization’s 2017 hoof-care expenses.  The TRF established the Farrier Fund in 2015.

“Hoof maintenance is especially important for off-track Thoroughbreds and is one of our single largest expenses,” remarked Sara Davenport, TRF’s herd manager. “Our horses are all turned out or in re-training, and they need healthy, well-trimmed feet.”

“We are grateful to have these funds restricted for hoof care available for our farriers,” added Diana Pikulski, Director of External Affairs. “Like the Hart to Heart Fund, established five years ago by Sophie Stenbeck for TRF’s vet care, these major gifts provide security for our horses’ vital needs.”

The Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation, was established in 1991 and focuses on causes that were important to Mr. Hughes in his lifetime.

For more information on the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Annual and Endowment Funds and the Pollard Endowment Challenge, contact Diana Pikulski, Director of External Affairs, 518-226-0028,